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Tennis Learning Management System (TennisLMS) is worldwide leading provider of software and services for Athlete performance and coaches development. TennisLMS has created new and innovative platform that provides sophisticated method for identifying gaps for tennis players in all levels - both on and off the court. Tennis LMS helps athletes, parents, coaches, clubs, academies, colleges and tennis associations to create end-to-end development view and create short- and long-term personalized development plans.

TennisLMS is the only integrated platform in the world that includes tracking of all dimensions of the player development such as: Technical, Tactical, Mental, Physical, and Strategy. The integration is managed through unique Annual Planner which incorporates all components in one place.

Based on our research and work over past 5 years we realized that there is still a big void in tracking long term player development and significant gap in education needed for many parents that want to support their kids to achieve their full potential. Therefore our core focus continues to stay on the development of the high performance players that aspire to reach their highest level - playing professional tennis.
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Our Key Partnerships

Hilton Head Island, SC - PTR PARTNERSHIP

Since 2009, Tennis Learning Management System (TennisLMS) continues to provide the Next Generation of the certification and Master of Tennis Coaching education platform for the Professional Tennis Registry(PTR). For more information please contact Dan Santorum, CEO at

Toronto, ON
- Tennis Canada PARTNERSHIP

Since 2010, Tennis Canada’s Player Development department has been uusing TennisLMS as the official player development platform. TennisLMS is used for TalentID selection and tracking of Tennis Canada U12 high performance program. For more information please contact Debbie Kirkwood, Director Player Development at



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