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Tennis Learning Management System (TennisLMS) is worldwide leading provider of software and services for Athlete performance and coaches development. TennisLMS has created new and innovative platform that provides sophisticated method for identifying gaps for tennis players and coaches in all levels - both on and off the court. Tennis LMS helps athletes, parents, coaches, clubs, academies, colleges and tennis associations to create end-to-end development view and create short- and long-term personalized development plans.

Our Mission: To Help Each Athlete Achieve Their Full Potential


Skillman, NJ December, 2014 - ITA PARTNERSHIP

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) and Tennis Learning Management System (TennisLMS) continue to provide the Next Generation of the TennisLMS College platform with all the necessary and easy to use tools to record video (stroke) analysis over time, match analysis and enhance team collaboration The TennisLMS platform also provides an ultimate summer camp management tool for all coaches' needs. For discounted pricing and more information, see

Queenstown, New Zealand, Dec 14 2013 - QTA TO TEST DRIVE TENNISLMS

The leading New Zealand high performance tennis academy (QTA) led by legendary Lan Bale has selected TennisLMS for 6 month test drive. Lan Bale, ex-South African pro player competed in 23 Grand Slams and reached a career-high doubles ranking of 23 in the world. He won four ATP doubles titles and made the quarter-finals of the doubles at Wimbledon in 1994 with New Zealand’s Brett Steven. Widely respected by his fellow players, Bale had the honor of being elected to represent his fellow tour players on the ATP Player Council. In Lan's words "we are extremely excited to test drive this amazing all-in-one platform that each academy and national federation should try and use on a daily basis". For more information please contact Lan at


The Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) has signed an agreement making TennisLMS the management provider for all national tournaments and national rankings. “We are honored to be partners with one of the greatest tennis nations worldwide,” said Sasha Frljanic, president of Tennis LMS, “and we look forward to supporting Spain with our new state-of-the art platform.” The Spanish Tennis Federation will be the first nation to use the latest edition of TennisLMS.

West Lawn, Pennsylvania, Oct 26 2013 - NEW FROMUTH PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCED

Pennsylvania-based wholesale tennis distributor FROMUTH has signed a new agreement to start offering EtchFit/TennisLMS subscriptions to all of their clients. EtchFit and TennisLMS recently announced a partnership that will allow coaches and tennis facilities to manage EtchFit workout classes using TennisLMS technology. The TennisLMS team is extremely excited to expand and enrich one of the largest catalogs of tennis products with EtchFit/TennisLMS subscriptions.

Allentown, Pennsylvania, Sep 28 2013 - ETCHFIT TENNISLMS PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCED

EtchFit (a new division within Etcheberry Experience Group) has signed a partnership agreement with TennisLMS. Together, the two organizations will launch a combined EtchFit/TennisLMS subscription and platform for coaches, clubs, academies and other sports facilities. EtchFit is a cutting-edge group exercise program based on Pat Etcheberry’s training secrets. Designed for players of all ages, EtchFit is a fun, highly motivational one-hour workout that gets people in great shape while making them better tennis players. TennisLMS will help EtchFit clients track and manage all aspects of EtchFit classes. For more information on EtchFit, please contact Chris Emkey at


Tennis New Zealand has started using new TennisLMS National Edition and will test drive the platform over the next 6 months. If the testing is successful, Tennis New Zealand will implement the TennisLMS platform to track and develop all national-level players across New Zealand. National Coach Lan Bale says the TennisLMS features currently of most interest are the enhanced Annual Planner and the Match Analysis module.


Southern New Hampshire University is the newest member of Tennis LMS College Edition. Coach Greg Coache said he is extremely happy and satisfied with the features TennisLMS provides to him and his assistant coach. With TennisLMS, the two are able to track and manage two tennis teams from a single on-line location. The TennisLMS team shared calendar has proven particularly useful to SNHU. Go Penmen!!!


For third straight year, Tennis Canada has renewed the TennisLMS platform as the official Coaches and Players development platform. The TennisLMS Coaching Development Platform is offered in French and English and supports Level 2 and Level 3 coach classes. The unique Talent ID feature of the TennisLMS Player Development Platform has been used extensively, allowing Tennis Canada to capture over 10,000 individual fitness tests across Canada.


Lok-Sze Leung captured the 2013 NCAA Division III Women's Tennis Singles Championship title. We congratulate Lok-Sze on her amazing straight sets win and our big congrats go to ITA Coach of the Year Mike Morgan who has implemented TennisLMS at Middlebury this year. We are so proud to be part of the making new champion. Go Lok-Sze - Go Panthers!!!

Pasadena, CA April 2013 - CALTEACH

California Institute of Technology is our newest member of Division III teams to join our TennisLMS family. Led by Mandy Gamble, head coach who focuses on overall excellence and finding newest methods of training, time-management and motivation. Her methods are all about helping high-achievers to feel energized and inspired to pursue their passion. Choosing TennisLMS as official platform for mens and womens team was a simple choice. The platform provides full set of features that will help Mandy to manage teams from one place and save the time by integrating all of data in one location. We would like to welcome Mandy and CALTECH team to our family. For more information, contact Mandy at

Ribeirão Preto, Brasil_ April 2013 - CFT-RP

Centro de Formação e Treinamento de Tênis CFT-RP is premier junior tennis academy in the city of Ribeirão Preto, Brasil. The search for innovation, new processes and methods in teaching tennis, made the technical directors Zwetsch Haroldo Junior, Rogério Magagnini, Gesner Menegucci Clayton and Walnut, to unite their knowledge with a goal to bring a new way of teaching tennis.
The planning and monitoring of the process are the major differences of the Training Centre and Tennis Training CFT-RP, which provide parents and players a clear line of work and objectives in the short, medium and long term. They choose TennisLMS platform as the leading edge platform that can capture all of details and together with the knowledge of the coaches will provide the advantage they were seeking. We would like to welcome Haroldo and staff at CFT-RP academy to our TennisLMS family. For more information you can contact Haroldo at


A European-style tennis academy in the heart of Connecticut is the next exclusive family member of TennisLMS, led by Magic Lincer (owner) and Steve Rogers (Director of High Performance). Bringing his innovative European coaching techniques to the US Touring Coach Magic Lincer has successfully applied them as Euro Tennis Academy Director in Greenwich and New Haven, CT. Magic has experienced firsthand every aspect of coaching competitive tennis from the elite level of ATP & WTA Professional Players, ITF Junior and Wheelchair circuit players, to tennis enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. With his perspective of coaching the highest levels of the sport, he has been able to adapt the coaching-style of the elite level player to jumpstart tennis games for both adults and juniors at every level. TennisLMS has been customized to fit their high standards and is the platform of choice.

We are extremely proud to be an official player development platform. To get more information please visit


CLTA offers customized private coaching, high performance junior development consultation, and a world-class academy to players of all ages and levels. CLTA specializes in preparing young players with a world-class technical/tactical foundation to succeed at the highest levels of tennis. Led by Chris Lewit who has studied under many former top ATP players and coaches and several national federation coaches, including Lluis Bruguera, former Spanish Davis Cup coach, and Pato Alvarez, former top 10 player and legendary Spanish coach.  A strong believer in continuing education, he has traveled around the world studying tennis pedagogy.  Each year, he reviews the latest tennis literature and plans study trips abroad.  Chris is particularly well-known for his expertise in technique and biomechanics. His book, The Tennis Technique Bible is widely regarded as the best, most comprehensive work on modern tennis technique currently available.  The Tennis Technique Bible Volume Two and Secrets of Spanish Tennis are two new books due to be released soon. CLTA, has a proven track record of building the games of top national and international standard players, a record which few coaches can match. It is our great privilege to work with Chris and enabling hos multi site multi talented program to operate more efficiently and provide Chris with ability to track all players to full extent from one place. For more information, see


It is with a great pleasure to welcome RMTC as our new member of TennisLMS family. Both Duke Paluch (Executive Director) and Kendal Chitambar (Director of Player Development) are one of the first certified coaches by PTR in the highest (level 5) certification in USA - PTR Master of Tennis - Performance. Duke Paluch, a top-ranked junior player himself, was also a two-time collegiate All American player. He has nearly 30 years of expert credentials as a professional coach. Kendall Chitambar is a former professional player trained by some of the top coaches in the game with over 22 years coaching experience. They got introduced first to TennisLMS during their PTR certification. It was a logical choice, very easy to transition and to setup TennisLMS as platform of choice for RMTC. Their practical experience with TennisLMS provided short learning curve and they started benefiting from day one. For more information, see

Skillman, NJ January 2013 - ITA PARTNERSHIP

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) and Tennis Learning Management System (TennisLMS) have announced a strategic partnership to help college coaches create video and match analysis for their teams. The Next Generation of the TennisLMS College platform will provide college coaches with all the necessary and easy to use tools to record video (stroke) analysis over time, match analysis and enhance team collaboration The TennisLMS platform also provides an ultimate summer camp management tool for all coaches' needs. For more information, see

"...The ITA is delighted to partner with TennisLMS for this exciting new program" said David A. Benjamin, ITA Executive Director. Through this endorsement, ITA members are eligible to receive subscription discounts of up to 78%. There are different offers ranging from self-serve to full concierge service..."

For more information on how to sign up for TennisLMS services, please visit our college page: .

Colorado Springs, January 2013 - U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY
The latest college to adopt TennisLMS is the one-and-only U.S. Air Force Academy. With the warmest welcome we would like to greet head coach Kim Gidley, assistant coach Cari Groce and the team to our TennisLMS family. Kim Gidley is the first civilian head coach in the 31-year history of the program, and Gidley became the winningest coach in the history of the program in 2003 with her 76th victory. She recorded her 100th career victory during the 2005-06 season. You can contact Kim at GO BLUE!!!!! 

It is our great pleasure to announce new senior leader at TennisLMS: Izo Zunic. Over the last five years, our strategy has been to grow a network of great partners (PTR, ACE Tennis, Etcheberry), to build a network of trusted advisors (Kelly Jones, Anne Pankhurst) and to attract the best talent to the company, and our new senior leader is no exception:

Mr. Izo Zunic - Mr. Zunic will assume a senior leadership role as General Manager of the TennisLMS College Edition. A very talented professional coach, Mr. Zunic has coached tennis at all levels (college, junior high performance, and professional ) for more than 15 years. Mr. Zunic holds a master’s degree in Sports Management from Lindenwood University, St. Charles. MO. He can be reached at

Toronto, Canada November 2012 - ACE TENNIS
We are very proud to welcome ACE Tennis into our family of business partners. ACE Tennis is a Canadian company founded by the legendary Pierre (the Bear) Lamarche and is now led by former Jamaican National coach Doug Burke. ACE Tennis has agreed to use TennisLMS to provide online learning services for its students, parents, coaches and administrators. ACE Tennis has developed "Tennis Mantra," a unique training philosophy/method and ACE has been a force in Canadian tennis for over 30 years. TennisLMS will be customized to fully support ACE Tennis Mantra and both will be used for player development.

Doug Burke had the following comments: “Pierre and I have wanted to improve the communication process with our players, parents and coaches and provide tournament video availability in Burlington. TennisLMS is a major step in the management of information required for player development. We also are looking at ways of sharing the system with other academies who cannot afford the overall administrative and management costs of operating an Academy. For example, this system could be shared with a club in Halifax, Nova Scotia who could have access to program information which would be too costly for them to develop. It is one way we have decided to give back to the Canadian game” As part of the partnership agreement, both companies will help in cross-marketing and professional business expansions. For more information you can contact Pierre Lamarche at

Middlebury, VT October 2012 - MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE
One of the top rated U.S. colleges, Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT, is the newest member of TennisLMS College Edition. Middlebury College a Division III college led by woman’s coach Mike Morgan and men’s coach Bob Hansen were in search for solution to help with annual planning and team scheduling. Both coaches were impressed by the integration in Tennis LMS of all critical coaching modules, including video analysis, match analysis, fitness analysis, annual planning and a shared team calendar. According to Mike, "I am going to spend the same amount of time, and in some cases even less, but now I have all of my critical data in one place, easy to find, easy to analyze and I am more than two times more efficient." Coaches Morgan and Hansen chose the full Concierge Edition, which allowed them to be fully up and running in less than 4 weeks.

The Middlebury team also helped us introduce innovations to the TennisLMS Shared Team Calendar . Please visit us in Naples, FL, at the ITA Coaches Conference booth on Dec. 16t to see what’s new. Shared Team Calendar now includes full real-time sync with iPhones and Android smartphone. For more information, you can contact Mike at, or Bob at

Nijlen, Belgium September 2012 - SPORTCENTER MOLENBOS
Our newest member of TennisLMS Academy Edition is an outstanding, modern, leading tennis academy found in the heart of Belgium. Sportcenter Molenbos and its tennis academy, Tennis School Molenbos, have chosen TennisLMS as their platform of choice. With full customization, integration of the Tennis Academy’s philosophy and built in support for the Dutch language, the TennisLMS platform is now the centerpiece of the training program. Kenneth Van Daele, head tennis coach, has also taken the TennisLMS Annual Plan module to a whole new level and crated an amazing new experience for all members of the academy. Players, parents and coaches for the first time have access to the same information in one place. The "magic triangle" is now complete and future discussions and planning are easier and more efficient than ever before. For more information, please contact Kenneth at

With the addition of Dutch as a supported language, TennisLMS is now offered in nine languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Croatian and Serbian.

Meran, Italy July 2012 - PTR EUROPE
Our deep partnership with the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) is taking TennisLMS to the next level. PTR Europe has expanded its offerings of new modern certifications in German and Italian. By choosing the TennisLMS platform, PTR has consolidated all of the United States and European certification operations in one platform. PTR’s TennisLMS platform now supports English, German and Italian languages with new expansion in the late fall of 2012. For more information please contact Herbert Schnaubelt at

Negril, Jamaica June, 2012 - COUPLES RESORT
Couples Resort, a premier vacation spot in beautiful Jamaica, is our newest TennisLMS member. The resort is taking the first step in providing the ultimate sport experience with TennisLMS as the platform of the future. Large numbers of guests are repeat customers and the resort sports management team wanted to enable an improved experience for all tennis members. Tennis coaches are now equipped with the latest technology, 10-inch computer tablets, and are in real-time taking stroke analysis videos and uploading match analysis to the TennisLMS web site. Each guest will go home with a full tennis profile along with great memories and new skills captured on video. For more information, please contact Head Tennis Coach Brenton White at (

With great excitement, we welcome our new member of College Edition - Our Lady of the Lake University. Head coach Sal Castillo decided to take advantage of modern technology and our easy-to-use platform. He has big plans to revitalize the tennis program at the university, and TennisLMS is proud and excited to be playing a part. For more information, you can contact Sal at

Istanbul, Turkey April 2012 - LEVENT TENNIS CLUB- One of the largest tennis clubs in Turkey, the Levent Tennis Club, has chosen TennisLMS as its platform of choice. This is our first TennisLMS Clubs Edition deployment in the Turkish language and we are extremely excited about the opportunity to enable Turkish tennis with our latest technology advancements. For more information, please contact us at

North Port, FL April 2012 - Mexico Tennis Federation
The Mexican Tennis Federation will test-drive TennisLMS over the next 12 months as it refines its search for a new platform. TennisLMS is working with its partner, Lozano Osorio Tennis Academy to help the Mexican Tennis Federation with its evaluation. Contact us today ( or Marco Osorio ( for demo of Tennis Federation Edition.

North Port, FL March 2012 - SUMMER CAMP-mania
Getting ready for summer camp? We can help.- TennisLMS has created a new Camp Edition which simplifies the tracking of camp students and their assessment. It also provides video analysis and one-click certificates of attendance. You are able to track all matches through a new ladder module, and you can book courts and keep your coaches in sync with Team Calendar. The Camp Edition of TennisLMS can save you a lot of time and you will always look very professional no matter how busy you are. Contact us today for demo at

University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, is our latest addition to TennisLMS | College Edition. Nicole Kenneally, the head coach of the Colorado tennis team, is using TennisLMS for all aspects of team development, including video analysis, match tracking, match analysis and player assessments. In addition to TennisLMS standard modules, Colorado is using our new Shared Team Calendar which integrates with the iPhone as well as Android and Windows smartphones, keeping all team members in sync automatically. For more information you can contact Nicole at

Atlanta, GA February 2012 - OXFORD COLLEGE -Oxford College at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, has signed a new two-year agreement. Please contact Brandon Feldman Athletic Director for any questions or comments at ( TennisLMS congratulates Eagles in winning their 2012 Men's Indoor Title.

Orlando, FL February 2012 -PROFESSIONAL TENNIS REGISTRY SYMPOSIUM TennisLMS met with more than 200 coaches from across the world at the PTR Symposium in Orlando. The TennisLMS Workshop provided an in depth look at all the TennisLMS benefits and reviewed details of the special partnership between PTR and TennisLMS. During the PTR symposium, TennisLMS presented a new session "Using Technology To Enhance Your Player Development Program" that received outstanding feedback. Please contact us if you would like your club to receive a copy of this presentation.

Stillwater, OK January 2012 - OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY Oklahoma State University has migrated to our new TennisLMS College platform. Oklahoma State University women's head coach Chris Young has been instrumental in defining and recommending many of our new features. Chris has been using TennisLMS for more than two years. We thank Chris for his great passion for helping develop players and being a pioneer in introducing the latest technology at the school. You can contact Chris for more information at

Greenville, SC December 2011 - FURMAN UNIVERSITY We would like to welcome the Furman University Division 1 men's and women's tennis teams, the first to move to our new College Edition platform. The new, unique features in the College Edition allow Furman University and other colleges to manage their teams on a whole new level. For more information, you can contact men’s coach Kelly Jones and women's coach Debbie Southern at

Naples, FL December 2011 - ITA CONVENTION TennisLMS introduced the new TennisLMS College Edition at the largest college coaches convention in Naples, FL. We revealed new subscriptions for colleges. In addition to new subscriptions, we provided the first view of new features such as Voice Dictation, Daily Practice Logs, Team Ladder, Summer Camp Video Analysis. In addition, we showed how coaches can use tablet computers, iPads and smartphones to interact with TennisLMS.

Toronto, ON October 2011 -WHEELCHAIR TENNIS CANADA Wheelchair Tennis Canada is the newest member of our TennisLMS family. Tennis Canada has had excellent customer satisfaction and success using TennisLMS for High Performance, Talent ID and Coaching Certification and now the Wheelchair department has also decided to use the Team Canada TennisLMS platform. At this point, all of the Tennis Canada development sections are on the same platform and the benefits of the unified system are tremendous. For further information about Wheelchair Tennis please contact Janet Petras, Director of Wheelchair Tennis at Canada is the first nation in the world to have a full view of the entire player and coaches development from one system. We congratulate the Tennis Canada on this great accomplishment and we look forward serving Tennis Canada for many years ahead.


Montverde, FL September 2011 - NATIONAL TENNIS ACADEMY The National Tennis Academy located in Montverde and Orlando signed a new partnership agreement with TennisLMS. National Tennis Academy will use the TennisLMS platform exclusively to track player development. Ripley Amell, executive director, discusses the decision: "Our long term player development framework has been strong for many years, but we were missing a platform that will track every aspect of player development. When I found out what TennisLMS has to offer, it met all of our needs and the new partnership was a logical step forward in fulfilling our vision to be the most comprehensive instructional tennis learning program in North America. We are extremely excited to have this partnership with TennisLMS". To find out more, please contact Ripley at


Barcelona, Spain February 2011 - BRUGUERA TENNIS ACADEMY One of the leading tennis academies in the world, Bruguera Tennis Academy, has chosen TennisLMS as the official player development platform. With over 100 full time players, the academy will use TennisLMS to track all phases of player development. For more information, please contact Lluis Bruguera, the founder and president of Bruguera Tennis Academy, at


Hilton Head Island, SC, January 2011 - PTR has extended the use of TennisLMS platform to all certifications and will be using TennisLMS for online examination in all three certification paths: Junior Development, Adult Development and Performance Development. For more information please contact Dan Santorum, CEO at


Barcelona, Spain November 2010 - SPANISH TENNIS FEDERATION TennisLMS has signed an historic two-year agreement with a leading organization of one of the most successful tennis nations, the Spanish Tennis Federation. TennisLMS becomes the official player development platform. TennisLMS will track players from all 19 provincial federations and provide an unprecedented single view of the whole tennis nation. This agreement validates the leading edge of the TennisLMS platform and major milestone in adoption of our platform. For more information please contact David Sanz, RFET Director at


Toronto, Canada, October 2010 - TENNIS CANADA Building on its huge success with the TennisLMS Player Development platform, the Coaching Education department of Tennis Canada has decided to use TennisLMS as the official coaching education platform. Tennis Canada will start using TennisLMS for their advance Coach Level 2 certification immediately. Canada now becomes the first nation to track both Players and Coaches within one system. We want to congratulate and thank Tennis Canada for its full trust in our platform. For more information please contact Ari Novick, Director Coaches Education at and Debbie Kirkwood, Director Player Development at


Hilton Head Island, SC, July 2010 - PROFESSIONAL TENNIS REGISTRY Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) introduced first ever Level 5 coaching certification program (Master of Tennis) and have chosen TennisLMS as the Official Coaching Certification Platform. PTR will run all of the new Master Of Tennis courses on TennisLMS platform. For more information please contact Dan Santorum, CEO at


Toronto, Canada, March 2010 - TENNIS CANADA Tennis Canada’s Player Development department has decided to use TennisLMS as the official player development platform. TennisLMS will be used for TalentID selection and tracking of their U12 high performance program. For more information please contact Debbie Kirkwood, Director Player Development at


Hilton Head Island, SC, June 10 2009 - PROFESSIONAL TENNIS REGISTRY Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) and TennisLMS, have signed a two year agreement. PTR members will receive exclusive discounted pricing for all components of TennisLMS: Video Analysis, Match Analysis, Mental Game Development, Fitness Analysis, and High Performance Academy Editions, recognizing TennisLMS as the official Player Development Platform of PTR. Read more...


Tampa, FL, May 21 2009 - EMR FITNESS With a great pleasure and excitement we are proud to announce our new partnership with Pat Etcheberry and his company EMR Fitness Training LLC, formerly The Etcheberry Group.. Read more...


Zagreb, CRO Mar 12 2009 - CROATIAN TENNIS ASSOCIATION Croatian Tennis Association (HTS) The Croatian Tennis Association (HTS) has announced a new partnership agreement with TennisLMS recognizing TennisLMS as the official Player Development Platform for the Federation. The best juniors will be tracked using the latest tools from TennisLMS platform. To access the TennisLMS Croatian web site To access TennisLMS Croatian web site Click here




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