TennisLMS | Junior Edition

TennisLMS is a revolutionary platform for professional junior player development. Through skills assessments, video analysis and match analysis TennisLMS captures player profiles, tracks their progress over time, and creates in depth long term development plans. TennisLMS | Junior Edition provides an easy access to player's progress, profiles, competencies and skill gaps, match and video analysis, achievements, goals and evaluations over time.

TennisLMS | Video Analysis

Video Analysis have normal and slow motion modes and has unique comparison feature whre players can compare thier strokes against role models or theor own strokes over time. In this feature there isno need for expensive and complex installations of video analysis software - entire analysis is done throguh your Internet web browser.

TennisLMS | PointTracker

Through a unique color coded system, players and coaches can quickly understand the flow of the match and recognize service breaks, lost service games and learn more about player's game style. With PointTracker you are able to record each point of the game by capturing your strokes (winners, errors, serve, return, forced and unforced errors) AND opponent's shots that affected your point outcome. This is a great tool for the recognition of opponent's patterns and tactics used in the game against you.

TennisLMS | Player Profile (Report Card)

The core of this amazing tool is your Player Profile - with one click of a button, you can view a summary of your current skills and view a real-time collection of coach feedback. The player profile printout serves as a great starting point for regular one on one performance discussions between players and coaches. Inside your Player Profile lies Coach Feedback a section where coach enters descriptions about your abilities, skills, technique etc. Some examples of feedback area include: Goal Settings, Scheduling and Periodization; Long Term Vision; Strategy and Game Style; Tactics; Technical Development; Psychological Development & Physical Development.

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